Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

I traveled in northeast Finland south of Lapland and bordering Russia into area of Kuusamo and Ruka. It had been a part of a pre-trip such as the Blogger Experience which I had been invited to speak about videos in partnership .

Skiing in Ruka

Kuusamo is the municipality within the Northern Ostrobothnia region’s Title and a town.

Ice Growing

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

SaunaTour Expertise

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

Ruka is thought of as the number one ski resort city in all of Finland.

Era-Susi Husky Farm

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

The very best method is to take a 1 hour and 15 minute flight. I would not suggest driving since it takes within 9 hours plus there are stretches where you don’t find a soul for hours.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

Floating in the Rapids

During winter the place is still freezing! I seen in January if the average temperatures have been about -10 C or 14 F to a daily basis. You will have to wear thermal underwear and at least another four layers of clothes, plus a scarf, hat and gloves at all times!

Snowshoeing in the Oulanka National Park

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

There are many things to do in Ruka and Kuusamo however here I am going to highlight exactly what we did and put in a short list of items I recommend you look into.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

Wild Food Dinners

A year, you can skiing in Ruka from October until May. Its worldwide for being a ski resort where you can ski more than half of this year and it is the only resort in Finland. Together with five of those being seat lifts, You will find 21 ski lifts and 32 slopes across them.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

In case you’ve never skied before they do, or snow boarded have ski college where they could teach you the fundamentals. You can rent all the gear you need here but I would suggest bringing pants.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

They offer from one run overhaul, just 1 — 10 times pass for people to ski in exactly the season and pass.

Overall I thought the slopes were amazing! I really like these slopes and skiing were not tough. One of my favorite parts was traveling skiing and skiing it was truly magical. See more!

Oh, and also in the slopes we seen a bar after a few hours of ski to get a beer!

In Ruka’s resort city, you can climb the Kuru Wall, a ice wall in the Ski area. The point is that you can challenge yourself to get something while being in a winter setting and is very good for adults and for children.

Everybody return shortly after the program to discuss a hot drink and stories of the expertise and matches up in Ruka Village.

After fulfilling your guide and getting all your security and climbing equipment. This includes how to use the safety equipment and all the climbing gear that you can climb with assurance, you receive.

Following this, you’ll walk around 10 minutes socket. It’s ideal for novices who are powerful enough to use an axe on the ice and the experience lasts for about 3.5 to 4 hours.

This was one of my favorite activities. It’s a lot easier than rock climbing. You use your toes to get up you and the axes to keep you stable. Its 80% legs and arms. Also your professional climbing instructor explains everything and makes you truly feel protected.

We first started our Sauna tour encounter at the Lakeside Sauna of Lisakki. This sauna is one of the saunas to be given the True Finnish Sauna Expertise certification.

Your guide will speak with you about the Finnish sauna culture and it’s such an important part of their life. We were actually shown a little sauna yoga by our guide , then once I jumped to refresh my physique!

Next up we went into the sacred sauna, where we experienced the saunas — the smoke sauna as well as the ice hockey sauna. The ice skates is an igloo that they warm up, it is a distinctive experience . however, it is wonderful!

Next, we visited with the smoke sauna that’s the sort of sauna that was Finnish. It will get really hot so when you think that you can not take the heat anymore, you simply head outside and take a dip in the icy lake.

I did this every chance I got, it is something unique that you can’t describe until it tries!

I was extremely excited for our visit to the Era-Susi Husky Farm. This husky farm contains over 250 huskies! Each of these is filled with energy and ready to go running at the snow.

As well as huskies, they also have horses, sheep, goats, llamas, ducks, ducks, geese, turkeys, bunnies and reindeer. They’re open daily from 10 am to 3 pm.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

The 1 thing if you see you have to do is have a dog sled ride. If you’re interested in a short ride, the farm provides a 2km (35 mins), 5km (60 mins) plus a 10km (90 mins) ride. )

Additionally they offer 20 km (two hours), 30 km (3 hours) and even if you want to do something truly special you can take a two per day or five day husky safari tour.

The puppies are beautiful and playful! You will discover the dogs becoming excited to hit the snow, If you walk out into the passing area. They like to run! Generally the puppies will put their spouses with a lot of staring down them and barking set up.

Also, Susi Nordman or’The Wolf’ is a wonderful guy! He gave us info concerning the puppies that I am considering carrying out a 5 day tour.

I would be lying if I did not say I was somewhat nervous about this region of the experience!  The thought of floating with a river of ice sounds chilly and unappealing. But the reality is that you employ a special suit that retains 99% of their water away from the skin. This means you don’t find in the way I thought along with the encounter ends up being actually quite relaxing.

There is a guide who explained how to get in and out of the water and how to float when you arrive. You’re supplied with thermal overalls in addition to wool socks, gloves, boots and also balaclavas and snowmobiling helmets so that you don’t need to worry about bringing expert equipment.

Group sizes are for a four adults and children below the age of four are totally free of charge as long as they are over 160cm in height.  And don’t be concerned about cleanup on your own Finnish, the guides also talk English.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

After everybody is confident about what they are doing, the team moves into the head of this flow. You’ve got two 15 minutes’ periods of drifting around the river and when you are almost to the verge of falling 32, the key is to relax. If you’re currently going to the area, It’s surely worth looking this encounter.

When a place is about the top ten national parks to see in Europe in line with Lonely Planet, then you are aware this is an area worth seeing. The park is your classic winter wonderland with snow and is seen by tourists all year around to experience snow coated wildness and its ice.

The park provides something for everybody at all times of this year and is accessible by car and public transport. As well as trekking and snowshoeing, you can go ahead to see various views of this scenery. Watch out for the rapids and waterfalls in addition to a number of rare animal and bird species.

We used snowshoes to get the park around as in areas of heavy snow, it is a lot more easy to walk rather than wind up slipping and falling. The snowshoes supposed you may stroll down the river across the Pieni Karkunkierros trail, which is around 12km in length and are great to anchor you.

Over the span, we found a open wilderness hut known as where there were several epic spots to find some photographs prior to crossing the suspension bridge — here I took my images of the entire place.

Every evening, we ate food dinners! Also at and the place we ate stayed was a resort about 2 km from the border, Isokenkäisten Klubi. They served us a combination of poultry and reindeer in Addition to mushroom soup

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

Here we also did smoke sauna and jumped into the icy lake!  

They is an excellent spot to use as a foundation to check out all of their actions and have beautiful log cabins where you can stay the night in a true Arctic-style property.

One of the items in Finland is that everybody has the right to pick berries and mushrooms that you find in the woods and you will find plenty to pick from such as blueberries, raspberries, and lingonberries.

Then there is the local the cloudberry, known as’the gold’.  Added to that are the plantations filled with fish such as sardines, vendace and fish locals frequently catch which and served for their daily meal.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

For some of the authentic Finnish cuisine you can try meat products which are cold smoked including steak and reindeer.  You may also get reindeer kebab and wild boar in addition to venison that is tinned.

There are a range of spruce sprout products which include syrups and vinegar in addition to marmalades.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

Most of the crops are bigger than in different areas of the world due to the time to grow but what they lack in size, they more than make up for with flavor!

The night in Kuusamo after the sauna tour we did a wild food dinner together with Tapio in Kultana Ruka Salonki Kangas the chef.  The restaurant was located in the little house that has been covered in snow.

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

The food started with a delicious vegetable soup and the main course was salmon which has been cooked on the fire served with vegetables, potatoes and a sauce. It had been so good!

Things to Do in Kuusamo and Ruka at Winter

Two of the three nights, I stayed from the Ski Inn.

So there is accommodation to suit all different sized groups including children they give numerous different villas.

Each one of the flats or cottages have their own private sauna and also a balcony or terrace with amazing views across the area.  Free Wi-Fi is contained with the rooms so you can keep up with loved ones and friends to date.

The Inn is also made to cater to ski fans, as its name suggests.  There is a drying cupboard and upkeep room that citizens have access to and a ski locker.

When you come back from the slopes Additionally, there are dishwasher and microwave facilities for those fast, warm up you snacks. The Inn is a short walk from the lifts and trails and being so you can delight in the areas to eat and drink which Ruka has to offer in town.

Ruka and Kuusamo exceeded my expectations! Everything I did for the very first time I’d on this trip and I enjoyed everything! If I had been going to Ruka and Kuusamo to a holiday or holiday I’d say you need 7 — 10 total days to do it right.

You head out to get another activity every day and can ski every morning. Both items I’d really like to have done which I advise that you add to this record is snowmobiling and summer fishing.

I worked with this Excursion with Finnair, Victorinox, Nobis and All the Matka Nordic Blogger Expertise.

Also a huge thanks to my new best travel buddies, Hendrik, Tara, Derek, Marcos, Nathaniel and Su for making my trip special. All opinions are my own!