Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexander Travelbum

Within this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts , we chat with Alexander Travelbum, travel vlogger and a world traveller who values having travel experiences that are neighborhood. We and he talked regarding his experiences traveling the United States by van and walked through Europe, and shares his favorite travel tips and much more. Find out more about where he is headed next and his travel destinations!

How did your passion for travel get started?

I can not pinpoint an exact time or location. What I could imagine is that it’s only a natural thing for me. I love change, I like adventure, and I strive to experience everything that I could. Travel is inherently all of those things, and therefore it was a natural path for me.

Just how many days/weeks are you travel in any given calendar year? What are the kinds?

Lately, I have been traveling about 8-10 weeks annually. I’ll spend a few months at”home” visiting friends and family and earning extra travel money. I like experiencing various destinations, however where I may have a real adventure to take together and discuss with my 35, I like to go a bit off the beaten trail.

You spent the first half of 2018 exploring the United States the next half of the year along with by van. Can you share a substantial experience ?

Things changed for me. I’d backpacked many occasions and went with a bag, but I hadn’t ever built a little home and been in a position to deliver it together with me. The experience enabled me reach areas that would have been hard if I’d been relying on the normal: airplanes, trains, buses, and taxis and then to travel to the far corners. I had no visa, and no schedule to adhere to. From this, I learned that there are many ways to travel, an array of places to see, which we all should get out of our guidebooks and just drift, because that’s when you are going to encounter the real stone.

Traveling the United States by van is something a great deal of people dream about doing. What are some of the advantages and challenges of living the van lifestyle?

Among the advantages of travel in a van would be that you’ve got your transportation with you and your home like I simply stated. That means that you may go where you want, you do not need to adhere to train schedules and bus channels, and if you want. It’s easy to get off the beaten trail, since you literally only drive in another direction. It’s beneficial to have your mattress beside you along with a continuous source of food. It’s cost efficient because, when you’ve got your van, you currently have lodging paid for, and you’re mostly just paying for gasoline and meals from supermarkets (which is generally cheaper than dining at restaurants while touring ).

On your station, you discuss lots of tips on how to journey with little to no money. What’s your suggestion for your travelers?

It’s challenging in a variety of ways. Every moment, similar to camping, Residing in a van would be. You have a bucket as a toilet. If you’ve got solar panels for electricity to control your cellphone and cook with, they do not work in the winter, and then you can not cook on your own or move on your phone. Parking can be difficult. It’s very illegal to sleep in your vehicle, so that you are able to get a knock on the door in the cops at the middle of night occasionally. In general, the challenges are far outweighed by the advantages.

What do you want audiences learn and to obtain from your job?

Couch surfing. A great deal of people are frightened of it. They believe it’s weird or they do not think anybody would have them as a guest at no cost. Nevertheless, it’s an incredible platform. It’s always my number 1 tip because when I first really started traveling, I moved to Europe.

What are the top three destinations you have visited?

On that sum of money, ” I traveled to 15 states, took buses, trains, ferries, eaten at restaurants, had out, moved to museums, and a lot more. That sum of money would not have gotten me every evening through even 2 months if I paid for lodging. I was saved by couch surfing, and then my entire life was changed by that trip. *The very best portion of sofa surfing isn’t the money-saving component, but that’s what this question is all about!

Give us a’Top 5′ list for one of your top 3 destinations. Like some listing of types or a mini-guide. It may be anything in your favorite hotel, best location to have lunch, finest holiday, etc..

The thing I try to get across is should and that everyone can travel. I have been in a position to make it take place on a very small budget, as an introvert, travel alone, traveling at a group or with a substantial other, I have been to”dangerous” areas, expensive ones… It has always worked out and it’s enriched my own life. I want every person to have those experiences. The majority of us have excuses when it comes to finances, but you shouldn’t stop. You are able to get around that.

How many nations have you visited so far?

On the base level, what I’m trying to say isn’t about travel at all. I’m trying to show people that it is possible to live your life based on that which makes you happiest. In this day and age, there’s no need to settle every day, for a life that doesn’t completely satisfy you. It might be a struggle to get there but that’s what makes it sweeter in the long run.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexander Travelbum

What are your top 3 favorite cuisines?

Naming a”Top 3″ is difficult, however some of my favorites have been Indonesia, Spain, and Vietnam.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the world?


What dish do you recommend there?

I’ve visited somewhere around 24-28 countries.

What’s your travel film?

Ordinarily, I do not go to the identical area twice. I have tried hundreds of pubs, so I really don’t have some favorites. But one that I frequent at home is El Farolito at San Francisco, CA. It’s only a hole in the wall restaurant and the food is good. According to resources, this location serves the best burrito in the usa.

What’s your international airport?

You need to try out the super burrito. I suggest carne asada.

Which city had the friendliest people?

Into the Wild.

It’s inspiring the way he made a decision to leave everything behind and venture out to fend for himself and determine what people are capable of, Despite the fact that his life ends.

Who’s your travel companion?

Singapore, the best airport in the world.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexander Travelbum

What’s the best method to kill time?

Dublin, Ireland

What’s the most exotic location your livelihood has taken you?

Because they take you to the very best areas, educate you about their food, culture, and way of 27, the companion is really a neighborhood. You learn so much more than travel alongside another tourist.

What’s your very best piece of travel suggestions for someone who wants to, or is about to, embark on a life of travel?

Well it’s editing videos. I highly suggest taking lots of videos and images, even when footage is just on your own. When you have downtime, then go through it, then edit and organize it. That way, you have to spend more time with all the things that you only saw when you were passing by fast.

What are 4 things that you may never travel without?


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexander Travelbum

I traveled there and tourism is growing a whole lot but at that point it was great interacting with locals who didn’t see lots of people from outside their country.

What’s your dream destination?

Open up yourself and value new encounter within anything. Try the foods that you would never have touched earlier, talk to folks who appear different move areas that you hadn’t heard about. It’s in those moments, where you’re vulnerable and totally open, that you find the very best things about travel.

What’s your travel quote?

A fantastic pair of boots, my camera , plain white T-shirts, travel underwear.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexander Travelbum

Where are you headed?


I have wanted to experience this place my life. Fortunately, I’m looking into flights now.


This isn’t my favorite, I have many and may never remember when it comes to it, but for now, this can perform:”Life shouldn’t be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming’Wow! What a Ride!'” — Hunter S. Thompson.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexander Travelbum

This quote states to take risks, live quickly, have fun, experience things, and perform all the things that make us human, rather than choosing comfort and the safety of home and folks we already know. This idea is how I plan my travel experiences.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexander Travelbum

I’m now reserving flights. I am also getting a new van that I dip into Canada, and also can drive around the countries of Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Montana.

I’m Alexander Travelbum, a travel vlogger. My intention is to get people outside ultimately, and to experience the Earth, escape from their comfort zone to find joy. I attempt to show people how to travel on a budget and also to have real experiences outside of tourist traps. Since I was young, I’m originally from San Francisco, CA and have been traveling. I do not intend to quit anytime soon. I believe travel should be a part of everyone’s life, just as health, education, and interacting are. Growth happens when you get and get out there.

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