Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexandra Ková?ová of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

I guess it all started when I was traveling as a kid with my family. I always the one told my dad where to turn next. We neighboring a few times to Central European states every year and would go on road trips. Packed car with loud music many things we did not want and my dad lost constantly???? Amazing memories. I knew once I hit 18 I wanted to live abroad, and so I did. I moved into Czech republic then, and to research to a different 4 countries for function. Traveling happened somewhere in between.

How did your passion for travel begin?

For a couple of years I’d travel 10 to 11 months from a year but it obtained tiring. Now I journey for 1 to 3 months, then return home to Slovakia to get a couple of days, or maybe weeks, and then again travel.  I guess now it’s 6 to 8 months on the road each year. So I tend to see places where I can do both things I like adventure and spa. Let us say some sort of sport, like skydiving or zipline at the early hours, and then relax in wellness in the afternoon. Oh, and also exotic beaches where I can snorkel are my sort of place

Just how many days/weeks are you currently travel in any given year? What are the types of places?

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What is it that you need audiences to achieve / learn from the work (photography and videos )?

Most of all, I’d like to demonstrate that travel is your ideal teacher. Nothing has taught me as far as travel, maybe not even two MA degress. Every person try solo trips, and also should travel. It is the perfect method to learn what you need in life and who you really are. That’s my goal, to make people travel more.  And when it’s possible to travel healthier and stay fit, even better????

You’re Slovak, why people should see with Slovakia this year, tell us?

If you love nature, then you should go to my home nation. We’ve got amazing lakes, mountains, mountains and still many of them have tourists, that will be a plus. Slovakia is also filled with castles, ruins and caves. We’ve got 18 caves and every one of them is exceptional. So that you may walk around ice in summer two are even ice caves. How cool is that? I believe Slovakia is a country which offers its visitors many hidden gems.

Name your top 3 destinations you’ve traveled?

My favourite state is Mexico Costa Rica, Philippines and Maldives. They all have stunning beaches, nice people, a lot of tropical fruit and coconuts. Pretty much all I want to be joyful.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexandra Ková?ová of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Give us the’Top 5′ record for one of these destinations, such as, for instance, a mini-guide or to-do listing of sorts (may be anything such as you favourite hotel, best location to get lunch, sightsee, etc).

Let’s talk about Maldives.

How many nations have you visited up to now?

1. The best hotel I have stayed at is LUX South Ari.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexandra Ková?ová of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Your top three favorite cuisines?

2. The experience was swimming with whale sharks.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexandra Ková?ová of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Favorite restaurant on earth?

3. Heart-melting second was diving with sea turtles when among them kept coming to maintain my video.

Your travel movie?

4. Family minute walked around the areas on Thoddoo island together with local farmers offering me fruit and veggies.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexandra Ková?ová of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Favorite airport?

5. The most enjoyable moment was my first sea plane flight on the way to LUX hotel.

City with the friendliest people?

Those I do count 57. There’s another maybe 15 I do not actually count as I have not seen virtually anything in there.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexandra Ková?ová of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Your favorite travel companion?

I’m vegan, so it’s hard to sign up as in some cities it is easy to get vegetarian meals, but maybe not when speaking of the whole nation. However, I love Thai, Indian and Mexican cuisine. There’s not that many options that are Mexican that are vegan, but I really could eat every day guacamole????

While traveling Finest method you kill time?

Do not have one but I can mention Arthur Ice cream place in Bratislava. They have many vegetarian sorbets that are all-natural. Heaven!

What is the most exotic place you have been taken by your livelihood?

The way. I adored it. Well, maybe not the unhappy beginning but the fact walks along the Camino de Santiago since it something large on my bucket listing.

Your piece of travel advice for somebody who’s about to embark on a life of travel?

I fly the most from Prague so perhaps that one. Nothing though it is only closest to my heart.

What are 4 things that you could never travel without?

This one is difficult. Would Playa del Carmen in Mexico count? Or San Jose Iturbide where it felt like the natives became my friends. Even with many of them we are still connected after many years. No kidding!

What is your ultimate dream destination?


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexandra Ková?ová of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler

Like I may work in the evenings, I prefer to travel solo and nobody is bothering me. However, I also like my parents, and shorter trips with my very best girl friend.

Your travel quote?

Reading, listening to audio books, learning about advertising, meditation and pranayama breathing exercises.

Where to next?

I would say Rodrigues island located 650 km East from Mauritius. It is the island I have been around and everything I saw there surprised plenty to me.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Alexandra Ková?ová of Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler


Go with the flow.

There’ll be undoubtedly something which won’t work out how that you need but that’s life. Learn trust the Universe and to be patient. Trust that most people on earth are good and do not wish to hurt anyone.

Coconut oil that creates 90% of my cosmetics, bikini, a small travel towel and then gear I need for function (telephone, 2 cameras and laptop).

My fantasy destination would be Antarctica although I tmight surprising since I’m really a beach lover who’s allergic to cold weather. It would be the largest obstacle for me to survive and even take pleasure in the arctic temperatures. But I’m confident that the landscapes and mountains would take my breath away.

My motto is:”I live to travel, I journey to live.” And Carpe Diem.

Now in summer I have a few shorter trips around Czech republic and Slovakia, and then the Balkans. In winter and the fall it’ll be more exotic, most probably. But information will stay a secret for a bit longer.

Alexandra Kovacova is a crazy girl from a small city in Eastern Slovakia. She has been travel blogging on Crazy hot fun traveler since 2010. She mostly writes about experience, spa, beaches and anything else interesting. She is also a yoga teacher and a wholesome lifestyle consultant. Connect with her on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler.