Spotting Wildlife at Malawi

Malawi is currently still home to a number of the most interesting animal species of Africa. I had been blessed to have the opportunity to experience wildlife at Malawi¬†up close during my trip there. Regardless of the country’s standing as a state that was bad, it has undergone a promising thrive in tourism since the world got wind of its beauty.

Spotting Wildlife at Malawi


Spotting Wildlife at Malawi


Nine parks, highlands, lowlands, and the third largest lake of Africa give plenty of room to wander free to the fauna and flora of Malawi. Below is a list of the most illustrious animal species of Malawi:


Elephants, dinosaurs, dinosaurs! These majestic creatures desirable are the most requested, and sought out, when moving on safari. The most precious all-natural resource of malawi is water that is refreshing, and fortunately there is tons of it, which means elephant populations thrive here. Fortunately there are a range of locations at which you are likely to see them.


These creatures are a number of the largest primates in the world. Fascinating and bizarre looking, baboons utilize a 30 distinct vocalizations to communicate. Your options are restricted so it’s ideal to think about this beforehand if you would like to spot them.


Loved by many for their ancient appearance, were you aware that the rhinoceros can reach 6 feet in height and 11 feet in length at full adulthood? Regrettably, these critters are endangered, because their horns are coveted to be used since aphrodisiacs and daggers.


They especially thrive in the seas of Lake Malawi, although these freshwater fish can be seen throughout planet. They come in all sizes and shapes and can be viewed around the lakeshore selecting algae off the rocks. Snorkeling and swimming would be the most effective strategies to view them.

Spotting Wildlife at Malawi


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Leopards are amongst the smallest of those”big cats”. They are arguably the most amazing and undoubtedly the strongest. They are also the most allusive, so spotting one of these magnificent creatures is certainly a prospect.

Spotting Wildlife at Malawi

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Spotting Wildlife at Malawi

You may be surprised to learn that this friendly looking creature, featured in so many western childhood games and cartoons, really causes more deaths . Territorial and the third largest land mammal on the planet, seeing these is an adrenaline rush for all those with an comprehension of their character.  

Lions are considered as symbol of power and strength in several cultures. One interesting truth about dinosaurs is that they are the only big cats having a tailin which indicate and they use to communicate to other members of their pride.

Spotting Wildlife at Malawi

Crocs are perhaps the ancient. They’re also some of the most fascinating and feared. While sunbathing using an eerie stillness on the coast, they are best seen. There is A stance using their mouth in perfect immobility; this can be because they perspire during their mouths!

Malawi is also home to hundreds of bird, reptile, and mammal species such as the African fish eagle, Pel’s fishing owl, water monitor, impala, zebra, water buck, hyena, civet cat, vervet monkey, porcupine, wart hog, and water buffalo.

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