River Rafting in Thailand

“I hope you remember this,” the merry whitewater rafting instructor said in a Thai accent.

Whitewater Rafting

I am hoping that I remember that. I had been on a two-day experience hike in the mountains of Thailand and this is the experience my fellow fellow trekkers and I encountered: river rafting in Thailand — both whitewater and bamboo. The whitewater rafting was up first.

But first, I learned a few important things about whitewater rafting

The instructor had just demonstrated to dive to one side if our raft guide commands us. And for the first time time, told us he hoped we recalled what he had been telling us.

River Rafting in Thailand

Bamboo Rafting

Said jokingly…but not really.

Here and my bamboo rafting experience was memorable and surprising are some takeaways I Made out of it:

I secured my lifejacket looked at the water a brief distance away down a hill and tighter. Overlapping colors of the trees was prevalent on each side of the river bank, lush and thick; demonstrating our remoteness in these mountains beyond Chiang Mai.

“Do not worry. You very unlucky if you fall in,” the instructor added.

River Rafting in Thailand

A minute later at the instructor’s direction and following what I thought was a much too brief tutorial, I started heading down a trail made via the riverside brush along with my five rafting friends: my fiancé, a man from Croatia I’d become fast friends using on the conclusion, and a middle-aged Western bunch. Not one of us had been white water rafting except me — and that had been.

We realized that the raft and climbed in as a guy who looked to be Thailand’s answer to Rambo. He looked tough and prepared to guide us. I felt soothed.

My leg plopped to the ice water as I climbed to the raft and I shivered even though the 85 degree weather. I certainly did not wish to be the unlucky person that falls in.

River Rafting in Thailand

As it turned out, before the bamboo rafting component of the experience came together, I did not need to be concerned about that.

I was getting my bearings for all of the whitewater when it was time to get bamboo rafting rafting commands and the rhythm of the river. “Back!” The guide yelled and also my fellow rafters and I began pedaling backward because he guided by the back to direct us.

The whitewater rafting was over. However, as I was going to find out, the madness was just starting.

“Out. On there,” our guide controlled and pointed into some solid appearing raft being held in place by a teenaged boy who had been kneeling on a lanky dock. He let go of it as we floated closer and our guide steered the raft so that we had been it and he could catch it.

“We simply scale out of this raft onto this raft?” I asked doubtfully, looking down at the bamboo platform. The bamboo raft appeared that hardy. He gestured again that we should climb onto it. I was the next to venture down. That time the bamboo raft submerged beneath the water about six inches.

It was not designed to hold a good deal of weight. The two individuals climbed on and we awakened a bit lower submerging butt, ankles, and my feet.

River Rafting in Thailand

And that’s when the rocking happened.

River Rafting in Thailand

“Everybody hold still,” my fiancé suppressed loudly through gritted teeth as he clutched the sides of their raft closely.

All of us tried not to proceed, but to no avail. We began veering dangerously on the right.

River Rafting in Thailand

“Tilt into the left! To the left!” Our Croatian friend originates in the front part of the raft. All of us did and also for one moment we thought we were secure and then…the raft toppled above and all five of us took a dab to the cold water, that came up to my shoulders.

Sputtering water out, all of us stared at our guide, nevertheless secure on his own whitewater raft. His face was amused for us to get back on and he gestured. “Really?” I muttered. I started to think this item was not created for five individuals.

River Rafting in Thailand

All of us heaved against ourselves back on the raft — that was in itself — and this time we were able to keep it afloat. Our guide, nevertheless on his nice semi-dry whitewater raft, floated supporting us because we careened down the river still sitting — none of us dared to stand; not needing to be the only one to induce all to fall back in the river — and even still submerged in water. I was happy about leaving my camera behind, I listened.

River Rafting in Thailand

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