Top Five Sites in Turkey’s Marmara Region

Western Turkey is a rich stew of cultures, colours, and landscapes. Vacations to Turkey are all about excitement and fun due to the country beaches and beautiful scenery.  The areas surrounding the Marmara Sea, specifically, maintain a rich background gastronomy, and a good deal of alternatives for the discerning traveller. Tourists make the mistake of leaping over other towns around the Marmara region, opting instead to pay a visit to Istanbul. We are here to inform you, don’t do it!

Top Five Sites in Turkey



We invite you to rent a vehicle and hit the road! The highways in Turkey are well maintained and easy to navigate. We had the pleasure of performing a road excursion in 2013’s summer through Turkey’s Marmara region, and it was memorable. Listed below are the top 5 places you can’t miss in Turkey’s Marmara region.


Istanbul is Turkey capital city. Situated on both the European and Asian countries, Istanbul is varied and geographically exceptional.  We recommend spending at a minimum of three days here exploring the captivating sights of the Beyo?lu Sultanahmet and Galata districts. Highlights include Archaeology Museum, Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, the Ayia Sofia, and Basilica Cistern. Do not neglect to try Raki.


Day trip options from Istanbul: Bosphorus day Getaway, Prince Islands

Bozcaada Island

Çanakkale (conspicuous cha-nak-kale) is a fascinating seaside city you have to be time to find out whether you are planning to see the ruins of ancient Troy, Assos, or even the Galipoli Peninsula. Things to do in Çanakkale include amazing seaside dining, visiting the Cimenlik Castle, Archaeological Museum, also watching the Trojan Horse movie prop from the movie Troy (2004) starring Brad Pitt. After the movie wrapped, the large remake of the Trojan Horse was donated to the city, and it’s situated directly on the boardwalk. WATCH The Very Best Seafood in Canakkale, Turkey: Yalova Restaurant

Top Five Sites in Turkey

Day trip options from Çanakkale: Troy, Alexandria Troas, Assos, Galipoli Peninsula

Top Five Sites in Turkey

Bursa served as the first capital of the Ottoman Empire. Things you can’t miss in Bursa include shopping or strolling round the silk bazaar, medieval walls, the Green Tomb (mausoleum of the Ottoman Sultan, Mehmet I), clock tower, riding the cable car, and visiting the Great Mosque. Bursa is also home to a very particular kind of kebap, Iskender. Invented by ? Skender Efendi, it’s a meal that is tasty and inexpensive. Try one Kebapç, in the original restaurant? ? Skender (the small blue construction ). WATCH Eating in the First Iskender Kebab Restaurant. I particularly enjoyed Bursa because it felt like a miniature version of Istanbul minus the water viewpoints. There are many university students and plenty of nightlife options, giving a youthful and lively atmosphere to the city. In addition, this really will be the best location in Turkey to buy silk.

Day trip options from Bursa: Uluda, Iznik, Cumal?k?z?k village, Mudanya?

Milli Park? (ski resort)

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Top Five Sites in Turkey

Edirne, previously”Adrianople,” sits close to the borders of Greece and Bulgaria. This was the capital city of the Ottoman Empire in 1365 to 1453. Edirne is steeped in history that is fascinating although modest in size. The city is known for its most mosques, such as the Selmiye Mosque, the masterpiece by architect Mimar Sinan. It’s the minarets in Turkey and in its greatest point, stands taller than the Ayia Sofia in Istanbul. Other areas in Edirne include Maxidon Roman tower, the Alipasha bazaar, that the Üç? Erefeli Mosque, and the best noodle liver in the world — it’s the city dish! Try it in the the family-owned Cigercisi Kemal restaurant. WATCH Eating Fried Liver in Edirne in Cigercisi Kemal Usta

Day trip options from Edirne: K?rklareli, Uzunkopru along with Svilengrad, Bulgaria

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Bozcaada Island is the best location for a. Bozcaada sits in the entrance to the Dardanelles Strait only a 20-minute ferry ride from Çanakkale. During the summer months that this number could swell to well over 10,000, although bozcaada has an area of 38 square km and a population of approximately 2,500. A Greek island known as Tenedos keeps traditional houses that are Greek and its original road plan. The district offers a completely different feel and look with hammams roads , fountains, and beautiful mosques. Life in Bozcaada is calm and easy. Visit with the Bozcaada castle, visit the beaches of Habbele or even Ayazma for amazing swimmingpool, try the local food, also stroll the town. Whether you come for the two or three, you will discover Bozcaada for a enchanting escape from southern Turkey. Have a look at our Bozcaada island manual.

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Top Five Sites in Turkey

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