Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

Kaziranga National Park is an 430-square-kilometer wildlife park situated along the banks of the Brahmaputra River. This Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide will crack down all you want to know before you go there, what to do in and around the playground, in which we suggest that you stay, plus even more.

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

When to Go to Kaziranga National Park

Go to the Kaziranga Orchid and Biodiversity Park

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

Kaziranga National Orchid Park

Kaziranga National Park is UNESCO World Heritage Site and a tiger reserve. The playground is well known for its high concentration of majestic and ancient-looking one-horned rhinos. Contain macaques, elephants, deer, water buffalo, and more.

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

What to Pack and Wear

Expertise a Game Drive

Assam National Museum

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

The area around the park also boasts plenty of accommodations and attractions for travelers, as well as plenty of food choices. Find out everything you want to know more about the park by reading our Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide below!

How to Access into Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

Love an Assamese Lunch at the House of a Local

Experience the Culture

Take note that the park is not available during the rainy season from June to August, before you travel to Kaziranga National Park. In this season, the monsoon is in full swing also induces the neighboring Brahmaputra River flooding its banks, sending water.

What To Do Before You Arrive

See Bamboo Garden along with the Cactus Park

The time of year to visit Kaziranga National Park is November to April, when the days don’t generally become sweltering. The nights during those months can get a little cool. The park can be visited from April to June, but bear in mind that those months are lots warmer and may create researching the park of a chore.

Things to Do in Kaziranga National Park

Try the Local Fare

I had a terrific moment and visited in March. The weather was not too hot, and that I was able to find a great deal of animals that are extraordinary.

Park Fees

You will have to dress appropriately Since Kaziranga National Park enjoys a tropical climate for most of the year. During this Kaziranga National Park travel guide, I suggest wearing coats, just like I did, especially during your first morning game drives in case you go to during the spring or winter months. I typically began wearing a hoodie over a T-shirt early in the morning. I would shed because the temperature increased throughout the morning that hoodie as required.

Where to Stay

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You will also want to bring a hat to keep the sun out of eyes and your face along. I strongly suggest bringing sunscreen together, even if you’re not prone to sunburn to shield your skin from the hot Indian sun. Apply it liberally to any exposed skin before you reapply protection to be maintained by every couple of hours throughout the day and leave on any excursions into the playground.

Finally, I also suggest wearing insect repellent. Mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects are plentiful at Kaziranga National Park, and investing in an entire game drive getting bitten is no one’s idea of a fun time. So do whatever you can to keep them away from you during my period in Assam, the mosquitoes were relentless!

Kaziranga National Park is situated between Tezpur and Jorhat, so the park is readily reachable by car. Could be reached by road or by air. Its airport is a fantastic choice and is the nearest airport to the park. The park can be reached by forcing 134 miles.

The park can be reached by train. The closest station Furketing, to the playground, is 46 miles away, and that means you’ll still need to drive or have a taxi to reach it. An additional way is by bus, which you can grab from Jorhat or Guwahati. Guwahati could be achieved by air out of the town of Kolkata.

Make sure you have a considerable quantity of the local money on you personally whenever you traveling in foreign lands. This is no exception at Kaziranga National Park. Be sure you have more than enough cash for one to pay for each of the activities and entry fees you need to take part in. This Kaziranga National Park travel guide also advises tourists to keep cash in case of a crisis on them.

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There are excellent accommodations in the general neighborhood and every one offers something different. They differ in cost and space . Research each of them to find out which one is most appropriate for your financial plan and you. Make sure your bookings at your accommodation are so before you leave for the playground.

While getting an up-close look and traveling the park is the main reason to visit Kaziranga National Park, there are many other activities you can enjoy during your stay. Including gorgeous attractions, foods, and adventures that are beautiful. Here is a breakdown of the activities that I suggest taking part.

Among the greatest areas in the area to see the culture and cuisine is Kaziranga National Orchid along with Bio-Diversity Park. Here, it is possible to have a deep dip in to both while learning about the local fauna and enjoying peaceful environment.

The Kaziranga National Orchid Park is Really a must-visit.

It was set up in 2015 and is now home to the biggest group of orchids. There are 600 species of fauna in the greenhouse of the park. These flowers include the country blossoms of Sikkim and Assam and come from around northeast India.

You will also come across rare kinds of orchid so take some time to walk among the blossoms to check all of them out. Don’t forget that touching the plants is not allowed admire them together along with your eyes instead of your hands!

Within this bio-diversity playground, you can also get a real sense of life at the Assam National Museum. Upon your visit, youcould be able to see tribespeople making conventional clothes and’ll learn some information.

There, you utilize it at the clothes they create and might even learn dye is made by the tribespeople. Displayed around the walls are dozens of tools that are employed in everyday life, as well as artifacts and beautiful, locally designed sprays.

Among my favorite things about traveling is understanding about the culture by experiencing it firsthand, of these areas I see. Throughout my period at Bio-Diversity Park along with the Kaziranga Orchid, some of the women were kind enough to gift me a lovely and brilliant scarf that has been created by members of the Bodo tribe.

This Kaziranga National Park travel guide highly recommends taking some time to stop by the park’s pavilion to view more of the culture in activity.

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There, seats are arranged facing a large, covered period, from which visitors can observe the locals the dance performances that are placed by the natives. There are three different dances in complete. All three dances are quite different and amazing from one another, but possibly the most intriguing was the dance that is bamboo.

Men clapping long, bamboo sticks with rhythmic drumming are involved by the bamboo dance. Girls join in by dance in a circle involving the bamboo sticks as them open and close into the beat of the music.

It’s quite amazing and is also a demonstration of extreme precision!

Also is Cactus Park, which is from around the globe. Most of the cacti you will find from the state of Sikkim. Growing in the playground is many different others and plants that are used in cooking.

Among the plants is stevia, that is employed as a sweetener. I was able to sample a fresh stevia leaf. It was pretty sweet but also had a slight bitterness to it.

Make sure you also take a look at the oak garden, in which you will discover 50 species of this plant. Bamboo has many uses in this section of India, including making crafts. Additionally, it is utilised at the local cuisine and is so yummy!

Among the most effective methods to learn would be to try out drink and the food. This Kaziranga National Park travel guide advocates trying lots of local drinks, including a fresh, sweet orange juice with some black salt; a thick and thick apple juice with sugar and milk ; and a dense, shake-like banana juice additionally with milk and sugar.

Additionally, there are bites that are local, but was that the Assamese thali. The thali consisted of 28 dishes including eggplant, or a brinjal; some starfruit; a yummy fish snake chutney; spinach-like arum leaves; some jackfruit; plus much more.

The thali was all veg with the exception of the fish snake chutney that is black and has been one of my treasured culinary adventures in Kaziranga National Park. It was also very cheap at only 160 rupees, or roughly $2.30 U.S.

Without doubt, the highlight of the majority of excursions to Kaziranga National Park are the excursions into the park. Game drives can be obtained by Jeep into the park twice daily: once between 7:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., and once between 2 rebounds and 4:30 p.m.

Jeep safaris can be booked immediately. Because the cost is a Jeep, you might choose to combine a group of visitors if you are researching on a lower budget, to reduce your individual cost. However, this Kaziranga National Park travel guide urges reserving for the very best experience if you can handle it.

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While you’re searching for a game drive, then there are a couple of things you must remember, not only to keep your own safety but also to have the very best experience possible. All game drives are somewhat different. They luck of the draw if you find any at all with respect to which animals you see. Keep your expectations if you stumble across something striking, it’s just like a bonus!

Is to never escape the automobile through your game push your guide says it’s fine and unless you are at a glance point. Don’t feed any animals since doing so will instruct animals to approach other vehicles in the 23, you come around.

There are four Collections in the park: Western, Central, Eastern, and Burhapahar.

Each area is unique and some critters pop up in higher concentrations in certain ranges. While the Eastern variety is conducive to bird watchers, As an example, the variety has the highest concentration of rhinos. In total, the park is also home to 108 tigers and rhinos.

My first game drive in the park was a Jeep excursion into the variety that is Western. There, I found herds of elephants multiple rhinos, kingfisher birds, water buffalo, hawk eagles, and deer. It was a real treat to see these animals in the wild.

Took me into the Central variety the afternoon. This game drive has been different from the initial and featured appearances by a python, storks, deer , Bengal monitor lizards, a rhesus macaque roof turtles, along with Asian water buffalo!

You’ll be offered the exceptional opportunity to enjoy an Assamese meal at the home of a local, such as I did, if you keep at the Wild Grass Resort. Everything will be arranged by the resort for you.

That experience is highly recommended by this Kaziranga National Park travel guide. It is a terrific way learn about their way of life and to meet with the locals!

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

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My meal consisted with sixteen delicious items including bamboo sticks with fish, dal, rice, chicken curry, fried bananas, sea apple dal, fish, a spicy eggplant mash, plus even more. It was flavorful and outside amazing. You need to try out this meal!

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

You will incur a great deal of fees to be able to research Kaziranga National Park, but bear in mind, they are more than worth it. Here is a list of each of the fees for thieves. Keep in mind that exchange rates are approximate and that Indian citizens will pay significantly less.

Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

The Kaziranga National Park travel guide advocates staying outside the park just at the Wild Grass Resort. This attractive selection of lodges offers three tents pegged below a large room and 18 bedrooms in 2 jungle lodges.

They really take good care of you at the Wild Grass Resort! My pal and contact there, Honey, is as kind and as friendly as they come, along with also the resort offers a lot of activities, including visits to the community tribal village, a tea garden visit, a Jeep safari, and trekking in the local shore.

The food that is provided by the resort is also top notch. I liked an incredible breakfast that consisted of a flaky puri, a dough roster with cabbage and mixed vegetables indoors, potatoes, along with a slightly spicy mint chutney. This breakfast has been different from many others I’d had in India and had my mouth watering!

The dishes at Wild Grass Resort are as flavorful as their stalls. This Kaziranga National Park travel guide advocates going with all the vegetable soup and the Assamese veg thali. This thali includes dishes such as lentil mash, yams, fern, khar, deep-fried curry leaves, plus even more. It is a flavor explosion in your mouth. You are going to love this thali, if you are a foodie like me!

When they visit Kaziranga National Park, nature and animal fans will be in heaven. Between their game drives, nearby attractions, accommodations that are phenomenal, and friendly locals and guides, this is a place everyone must see at least once. Your time there will stick with you long after you are gone, and you’ll make memories you will want to revisit over and over. Reserve a trip to Kolkata and organize transportation to Kaziranga National Park now to experience it!

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Kaziranga National Park Travel Guide in Assam, India

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