Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

There’s no lack of things to do in Mexico. Look for the best things! This listing comprises the very best in lodging, dining, culture and nature. The Riviera Maya is a region of experiences that are memorable. The top things inspire you to make it, and even will surprise you your next holiday destination.

Finest Day with the Family: Xel-Ha

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

Xel-Ha is an outdoor aquarium which will have everybody in the family amused. Entrance fee covers beverages, food and access to over 20 activities including cave diving inner tube drifting and zip lining. Verdant jungle surrounds xel-Ha and dotted with lagoons.

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

Dining Experience: Yaxche

Best Hotel: Le Reve

Exotic fish, plants and birds can be viewed by Xel-Ha’s network of boardwalks. Dive into the cenotes, feed the resident Coati or float down a lazy river at your own leisure. Visitors can discretionary activities such as swimming with even a Snuba Tour, massages or dolphins. Xel-Ha is enjoyable for everybody!

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

Cultural Expertise: Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Situated along Playa del Carmen La Quinta Avenida is Your Famous Yaxche Restaurant.

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

Regional components cooking techniques for conserving a dwelling civilization and a passion has made Yaxche a leader in Mayan gastronomy. Here, diners have the opportunity to sample recipes into a gorgeous space.

Best Spa: Belmond Maroma

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

Le Reve Hotel and Spa is ideally located just a 10-minute drive from Playa del Carmen, but boasts a quiet, intimate ambiance that’s ideal for newlyweds and those seeking a tranquility. This gorgeous boutique resort features a white sand beach, al fresco dining and a great deal of comfy nooks to catch up on several R&R.

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

Greatest Shopping: Road to Coba

Mayan civilization is closely tied to nature, and also the best spot to learn about past and Mayan culture is at the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Visitors are directed to observe Muyil’s Mayan Temples and learn about the native plants and animals of the area. Other tour options include floating and snorkeling at the canals and bird watching.

Finest Day Trip: Tulum

The Belmond Maroma is a true oasis — a place where the mix of nature and architecture frees you at every turn. What better way to let your stress melt off than having a lavish spa treatment from the Kinan Spa of Belmond Maroma? This world-renown spa is exactly what the doctor ordered…really. Kinan Spa includes a experienced staff of health, fitness, beauty and homeopathic experts prepared to repair, restore and rejuvenate you back to life. Even the Kinan Spa is the recipient of many prestigious awards including the’Best Spa in Mexico’ from Conde Nast Travel at 2011.

Best Overall Experience: Snorkeling at Akumal Beach

The main road to/from Coba Archaeological Website has the best crafts available at the Riviera Maya. Contrary to the cheesy souvenir shops along La Quinta Avenida at Playa del Carmen, the crafts sold along the Coba road are more affordable and authentic. Dream catchers, woven lamps, masks, ceramics and baskets are just a couple of the things offered for sale in this road.

Tip: Bring cash and get prepared to bargain with the sellers, even though you probably won’t find these handmade things cheaper everywhere else.

The Tulum Archeological Site is the Riviera Maya’s Leading attraction.

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

This ancient Mayan port town is located on a pristine white sand beach and also features the extraordinary ruins left behind from an society. Tulum, which means”walled city” is precisely that — a fortress made to keep high society in and also the laborers out. Since one could really devote an entire day here detecting the temples, then taking a dip in the seas of the Caribbean tulum is the best day trip of the Riviera Maya.

Of all of the things this is my personal favorite! We have already covered the best in dining and adventure, but there’s one experience that stands out above all other people, and is what makes it the finest overall experience from the Riviera Maya… Snorkeling with sea turtles at Akumal Beach! Akumal Beach becomes their temporary garden. This natural harbor that is magnificent is teeming with life. Here, several species of sea turtle come to feed. Non-guests of the resort can come to discover that this occurrence for themselves. The Akumal Dive Center is located feet from the water’s edge and provides guided snorkeling tours and gear rentals to be certain that you won’t depart without seeing the turtles, rays and the numerous reef inhabitants of Akumal.

Take a Look at our Installment on Swimming with the Sea Turtles at Akumal Bay

The reason snorkeling at Akumal Beach is your greatest general experience in the Riviera Maya is that is shows us that beauty is everywhere, even when we don’t always understand it is there.

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

Which are your best things to do from the Riviera Maya? Give us your ideas in a comment below!

Top 8 Things to Do from the Riviera Maya

Special thanks to the Riviera Maya Tourism Board.