Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

Last October I spent touring Moldova. Ways Travel invited me to experience the nation’s greatest event, the Wine Festival.

I added a few added days to see the entire country and realize the state of Transnistria as well as Gagauziya’s autonomous area in the south west.

Here are 45 of my Instagram pictures while snapped .

Chisinau, Moldova

Central Post Office

Soroca Medieval Fortress

An old well in northern Moldova in the tiny village of Tintsereni

Gypsy mansion

Saharna Monastery

 The cave monastery of Tipova

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

Enjoying the view and the cold weather!

Dniester river in northern Moldova

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

Corn, corn, and more corn!

Military memorial in Bender, Transnistria

The walls of Bender Castle at Transnistria

Attempting some cognac at Tiraspol, Transnistria

The main street in Tiraspol, capital of Transnistria

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

Monument at Tiraspol, Transnistria

Emblem of Tiraspol

St. George chapel at Tiraspol, Transnistria

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

Huge domes of the Capriana Monastery

Entrance into the Milestii Mici Winery — home to the largest wine collection on earth!

Touring This Milestii Mici Winery’s giant cellar

Eating a delicious meal at Milestii Mici Winery

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures


Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

The giant Hincu Monastery, soon to be one of the largest Orthodox Churches on earth!

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

The pyramid of the military memorial in Chisinau

Fountains in Steven the Saint and Great Park, Central Park

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

Opening ceremonies of the Moldova Wine Festival

Interview with television station in the Moldova Wine Festival

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

These guys were working overtime!

National wine daily, Countless folks gathering to celebrate!

Purcari Wine tent

Bird’s eye view of Chisinau

Chateau Vartely Winery Cellar

Looking over Old Orhei in central Moldova

Eating a delicious soup

Beautiful colors of the Curchi Monastery

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

Inside the wine cellar of Cricova Winery

 Vintage wines stored at the Cricova Winery

Orthodox church at Comrat, the Funding of This Gagauzia Region

Sheep and Also Their herder in the collective farm at Gagauzia Region

Traditional house in eastern Moldova

Pucari Winery’s amazing property

Moldova at 45 Instagram Pictures

Grape vines in the Pucari Winery

Our epic wine tasting at the Pucari Winery

Inside the cellar of the Pucari Winery

What I liked most about Moldova has been that its charm and hospitality of its people. I suggest Moldova to wine enthusiasts and lovers of history. That is what’s helped the nation maintain its authenticity and charm, although the country isn’t constantly on popular eastern European itineraries.

Have some questions regarding Moldova, or have you ever thought about travel there? Please leave us a comment below. We can even help you plan your journey!